Vacation, Day Two…Beaver’s Bend

We started the day with a walk around the cabin. There was so much to explore that we really could have spent the whole day there, but I hadn’t planned for it. Our walk was short, but I found a few things to shoot before we headed off for breakfast and a canoe ride.

We knew very early on the canoe ride that we had made a mistake. I don’t know if it’s the Autism or just the little boy in Gabe, but he had no fear whatsoever of tipping the canoe. Noah (12) on the other hand, had enough fear to go around. Gabe would reach for a leaf in the water, Noah would yell in terror, and Gabe would rock the boat a little more just for the reaction. He likes reactions, and the more emotion, the better. I was sitting in the front of the canoe holding my Canon 5D, and I have to admit that I was getting stirred up, too. The water was ice cold and deep enough that if he did tip us over, my camera was going to get wet. I didn’t take many pictures, because it was my job to keep Gabe seated on the floor of the canoe. Phill was in charge of rowing, and Noah was in charge of complaining. I think in the end Gabe may have been the only one who really enjoyed the trip.

Once we were safely back on dry land we decided to further test our luck by hiking up the mountain. Noah informed me halfway up that I was very old but that he was still just as tired as I was. Thanks, Noah. Then our last bit of adventure at Beaver’s Bend was a quick trip to skip rocks across the river. This is where I confirmed for my family that there are some things I am not good at. Phill, it turns out, is very good at skipping rocks. I think I got about six jumps once, but most of the time I simply plopped my rocks into the water. I never got a shot that showed Phill’s skill, but this one at least showed a small portion.

More later…


~ by Rachel McMahon on October 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Vacation, Day Two…Beaver’s Bend”

  1. What a beautiful place.

  2. These photos are beautiful!

  3. Thanks, both of you!

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