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Sam has spent the last nine months preparing for Millie’s annual visit to her Granny, who lives next door. Sam and Millie have played together every day for the last three summers, and he has big plans for their time together. What he hasn’t counted on, however, is that his other neighbor, Tammy, has started a girls’ club and enticed Millie to join. Sam will stop at nothing to win back his best friend.

SAM AND MILLIE  is my current working project. It’s a middle grade contemporary novel set in a fictional town in Oklahoma. Loosely inspired by my own summers at my Granny’s house, it is my favorite project right now.


Nicole is about to turn sixteen, and she has just moved to the creepy town of Shady Creek where her across the street neighbor captures her interest. Said to have murdered his wife and hidden her in the forest behind his house, Mr. Cooper and his secrets become a temptation too great for Nicole to ignore. What she finds when she sneaks into his forest will change her life forever.

I originally wrote CAROUSEL when I was twelve years old. The original manuscript went missing before I had finished it, and I was devastated. Then, a few years ago, I told my husband about the story, and he convinced me to write it again. I love the story, but I have set it aside for now. Book one is complete, and book two is in it’s final chapters. CAROUSEL is a young adult fantasy series.


Sarah is a young girl who lives with her parents and six siblings in a world where everyone can do magic. Her magic is rare and special, but it comes with a price. Sarah can dream, and dreamers have a purpose that condemns them to a dark future. Sarah seeks to free the Dreamers, and she will need the help of her talented siblings to succeed in her quest.

SLEEPING SARAH is a middle grade fantasy and is my second novel. I work on it when I’m stuck on SAM AND MILLIE.


Laura has been pranked by her brother, and she’s out for revenge. Unfortunately for her brother, Laura is the best at coming up with cruel pranks, and she won’t have to break the rules of the magic in order to achieve her goals. In a home where strange things are possible, Laura and her family enter into a battle of wits and magic against one another until the need arises to join forces.

This book is in its infancy, but I love the idea. I don’t know when I will finish this one.


~ by Rachel McMahon on October 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “My projects”

  1. I love your ideas Rachel. I’ve never been one to pick up books on fantasy (which is weird because I like those types of movies) but I think I might have to start. I hope you can find time to get them all done because I’ll know they will be great especially Sam and Millie.

  2. Thanks, Tammy. I’m surprised you don’t read fantasy. Your imagination would take you so far in that genre.

  3. These all sound like great projects, especially Sleeping Sarah. Good luck!

  4. Thanks!

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