A fun game…

Okay, it was fun for me, but you may actually have to love writing to enjoy it. The other day, when my brother was over, I decided to try out one of my silly ideas. I wrote one sentence and handed him my computer. He was only allowed to add one sentence before passing it back to me. I wasn’t sure if it would be fun or not, but it ended up being a blast. And we both got to exercise our creativity a little bit. We have very different writing styles, so it was a constant struggle back and forth to push the story where we each wanted it to go. It was like doing an improv scene in drama class, only in written form. We were laughing so hard that my son got interested and insisted on playing, too. And he hates to write!

If you like writing and can find a buddy to play this game with you, do it! It’s fun!


~ by Rachel McMahon on October 28, 2010.

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