Snow in Texas

It’s not a thing we see much of, and when it comes you can be sure that none of it will be left undisturbed. I admit that, even as an adult, I feel a bit of magic the first time it falls and actually sticks, even more so if it’s deep enough to hide the ugliness underneath. It happened this past Sunday, and even I got out for a few moments to enjoy it. The cold is not kind to me, so my trip outside was brief.

I was reminded of the most amazing snow I ever experienced, which I think still remains undefeated. It happened in the 80’s, and I lived in a tiny community called Providence—so tiny that my address named the closest actual town, Mineola. We lived in a little rent house with a small fenced in yard that was surrounded by a much larger fenced in pasture where cows roamed freely. Across the road was the church my father pastored, and in our yard was the very pond where I was baptized at five years old. It was shortly after that when the deep snow came. It was the first (and probably last) time I was able to make a huge snowman with no leaves or dirt in it. My mother had the adorable idea of using Easter eggs to make the face.

What I remember even more clearly was that we were able to play on the pond that year. My father threw a cinder block on it to see if it was safe, and when the block broke and barely dinged the pond, we were allowed to come out. There’s a swing set frame in the water, which we used for diving in the swimming season.

Now that the snow has come and is trying to leave us, I am ready for spring. I would gladly fast-forward through the rest of winter and feel no remorse for anything I might miss. I suppose we would skip at least one round of the flu, several colds, countless days filled with double the usual amount of laundry, and my least favorite…dry skin. Those of you who live up north, I will never understand how you do it.

So, thank you, Texas, for our first snow this season, and please let it be our last!



~ by Rachel McMahon on January 12, 2011.

5 Responses to “Snow in Texas”

  1. Great pictures! Love the memories!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your posts and I loved the pictures. You said what I feel. Thanks!

  3. That was so inspiring. It was very beautifully put and the pictures are great and fitting. I also wonder how those in the North tolerated the 10 and below degree weather with snow all through the winter, but now that my son lives in Pennsylvania, I know and understand more.

  4. Thank you all!

  5. You can’t fast forward your winter, I will lose my summer, and I aure aren’t ready for that yet, not till the end of Feb

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