Book Nostalgia

I read a blog entry  recently about the changes in the publishing industry, and it started me thinking about why I resist the change. There are so many reasons to embrace the e-book, yet I cling to my ink and paper friends, and I mourn for the empty bookstores. I wonder how much it has to do with the book industry and how much of it is simple nostalgia.

When I was young, my brother built  a platform for me  in a tree in our back yard. I called it a tree house then, but as I recall, it had only enough room for me to sit with a book in my hands and a bag of sunflower seeds between my knees. It was perfect. I sat there on summer mornings that year reading Swiss Family Robinson until the heat (and my salty tongue) drove me inside. I don’t think I would have it in me to read that book any other way now. A coffee shop with an iPad just wouldn’t be the same. I need the feel of those crinkly pages between my fingers. I need to turn a page, as silly as that may be.

I’m sure my children won’t mind the change. And their children will likely laugh at a paperback the way they laugh at VHS tapes. But for those of us who grew up in the days when a book was a book, I can’t be the only one who hopes that someone somewhere will still be printing the old fashioned way twenty years from now. I hope I’m not.


~ by Rachel McMahon on June 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Book Nostalgia”

  1. I have mixed feelings about the topic…like my ex-wife driving off the cliff… in MY bmw. As my release approaches, I know there will be a strong push for the Ebook side even though the print version will be available. As much as the Ebook trend grows exponentially, I still believe there will always be a demand for Print. And for that…I am thankful.

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