I’m still here!

Wow. My last blog entry was on June 15. This may seem like evidence that I haven’t been writing, but in truth, it’s evidence that I have. I’ve heard it said that the publishing world becomes sluggish in the summer, but whether or not that’s true, my writing actually increases when the heat forces me to stay indoors. Reading, too. On rainy days during my childhood summers I used to pull the mattress off Granny’s bed, prop it against the wall and climb under to read. My cave. I’d love to have a writing cave, but I think Phill would not appreciate his sleep number mattress being thrown on its side. (Also, I can’t lift the thing.)

I counted my projects the other day and was astonished to learn that I have written two complete novels and started a whopping  thirteen more. I had no idea I had so many projects. It’s not surprising that I often don’t know what to work on. And it’s also not surprising that it’s so hard for me to find time to keep up with my blog.

On top of that, school has started again, and this year has not been good so far. Gabe has been moved to a new campus and given a new teacher. Change can be hard on any kid, but for Gabe it’s especially difficult. I suspect it has not been easy for any of the children in his class. I’m glad I’m writing about it today rather than a week ago, because my outlook is considerably better now. Things are falling into place…well, I’m shoving them into place, actually. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

Those of you who have nudged me a bit (online, of course) will be pleased to know that I have not forgotten this place and that I do intend to get back on track. Thanks for reading!


~ by Rachel McMahon on September 2, 2011.

One Response to “I’m still here!”

  1. Welcome back Rachel!

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