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Welcome to the blog-hop! My good friend and fellow writer, Stacey Brewer, has been kind enough to ask me ten questions, which I have answered below. You can find Stacey here. Do it! I’ve read her work and even had the honor of working with her for a short time. She says things I wish I thought of. Look her up!

You can find the rules for this interview game here, and you can join it as well. I promise it’s even more fun than you think it will be. Here’s how it works. One writer answers the questions they’ve been given by another, and then they choose a new writer and invent their own questions. Here are mine.

Stacey asked me…

1)  Please tell us a little about what you write – genre, audience, etc.

I write mostly fantasy for young adults, but I dabble in other genres and age categories. I started with middle grade fantasy, threw in some realistic fiction and then moved on to young adult. Fantasy and sci-fi get a bit tangled up in the series I’m writing at the moment.

2)  I have had the privilege of serving as a beta reader for you in the past (Look out, World, here comes Rachel!), and I have beautiful dreams about turning out a first draft as quick as you can.  How long does it typically take you to write a first draft?

Sometimes I dream about being able to do that again as well! Four books in a row, last fall I believe, took me two weeks each. That was for books with first drafts ending at about 50k-60k words. Of course, revision takes much longer. But yes, I write the first draft fast, and I seldom change any main plot points or twists later.

3)   Do you plan your stories ahead of time, or just jump right in when the inspiration strikes?

I used to jump in with very little planning, but I ruined one of my stories by being so by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I had to change my system. Now I start with a plot skeleton, and then I let the characters bring it to life.

4)   What do you have in the works right now?

I just wrapped up my (hopefully) last revision on book one of my sci-fi/fantasy series. I’m planning to seek representation for it soon. And in the meantime, I’m writing a paranormal thriller, my first venture into this genre. I also have about five other novels at various stages of revision.

5)   What is your current work in progress about?

It’s about a young woman on a search for the truth about what happened to her missing mother. She will walk her mother’s last steps, living in the house where she lived, and possibly died.

6)   Where do you get your best inspiration?

Life, I think. I certainly get ideas from books and movies, but mostly I try to look at the world in writing much the same way I do in photography. I look at what others might see, then try to twist it. Just the other day I was thinking about werewolves and how they might get a new twist, and the idea came to me that it would be funny to write a book about a family of wolves with a werehuman among them. I probably won’t do it, or I wouldn’t have thrown the idea out here on my blog, but it’s a good example of the path my mind takes.

7)   What are your favorite things to read?

Fantasy! No contest. I’ve heard it said that if we all piled our problems together and took turns selecting the ones we wanted, we’d each pick our own over new ones. It may be true. But in fiction, I want to stay as far from my own obstacles as I can. I want a break from reality.

8)   Where can your fans typically find you?

Physcially? Most of the time I’m at home with my children. But when I get loose, I tend to end up in places where I can either write on my computer or in my head.  That could be a coffee shop or the back of my best friend’s motorcycle with my ipod blasting under my helmet.

On the web, it’s best to look for me here at my blog. I have facebook, but I rarely check it.

9)   Tell me about your favorite place to write.

This is trite, but it’s true. It’s Starbucks for me. Ideally it would be in a tree somewhere out in nature. That’s where I read books as a child, on a board my brother nailed into a tree. I wish I still could. But since I need a plug for my laptop, and I’ll never say no to free coffee refills, Starbucks is my writing haven.

10)   OK, Stuart threw a random question at me, so I guess that means I get to do the same, right?  I know you’re a huge Harry Potter nut (like me!).  Who is your favorite character and why?

That’s actually a tricky question. At first I wanted to say Hermione, because I can identify with her. But that’s like saying I’m my favorite person, and I’m definitely not. Hermione points out to Harry in the first book that she is clever, but that there are more important things. And I have to agree with her. Harry is my favorite.

This was fun! Thanks, Stacey, for great questions that got me thinking and writing. And thanks for reviving my blog! And now for my questions.

I will be interviewing Victoria Adams, whose book, Who I Am Yesterday, was published this year. You can find her blog and learn all about her work here. Below are the questions she will answer.

  1. Do you have a writing schedule that you try to conform to, or do you write whenever and wherever you can?
  2. What’s your favorite thing you’ve written, and why?
  3. I use music to help me write. Do you do that, and if so, what is your method?
  4. What was your favorite book as a child, and what is it now?
  5. What is your current work in progress?
  6. What is your biggest challenge in writing?
  7. Do you write only nonfiction?
  8. When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer, and what influenced you most?
  9. Do you let your manuscript rest for a while after the first draft, or do you jump right into revisions?
  10. And your random question…What is your favorite coffee drink? If you don’t drink coffee, which, quite frankly, would startle me, then use this space to mock those of us who can’t write without it.

~ by Rachel McMahon on October 24, 2012.

4 Responses to “My Author Interview”

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  2. I liked the part about learning your lesson from flying by the seat of your pants. I prefer to ‘write’ in my head as well! 😉

    • Thanks, Virginia. I tend to play a scene over and over a few times like a movie before I ever start to write. When I don’t do that I start noticing my pace gets a little too fast.

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