I’d Rather Be Writing

I realized today that not only is it December, but December is almost halfway finished already. I don’t know how I missed it. I have a Christmas countdown sitting on my kitchen window sill, and it shows a frightening twelve days left! Of course, I’ve bought, and even wrapped, almost all the presents I need to, and my tree is up, and Pandora has been set to Christmas music for weeks. In the shower, “Someone to Watch over Me” has been replaced with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as my solo of choice. So how did I miss it? Well…I’m a writer.

So often I can’t tell if writing is distracting me from life or if life is distracting me from writing. Sometimes I even think writing has actually become my life. You can’t tell it here, because I’ve neglected my blog as thoroughly as I’ve neglected my garage. But I’ve been writing! And when I’m not writing, chances are good that I’m thinking about something I plan to write. (No, blank walls are not as interesting as I make them seem.)

I’ve decided that since there are only twelve days ‘til Christmas, and since I’m not only a writer, but a mother, I will shift my focus for these twelve days and try to live in the real world. And how do I start that? By writing, apparently. I used to get so caught up in photography that the only way I remembered an event was by the pictures I took of it. I was never part of anything. And now I risk doing the same thing by imagining how I would describe an event in a story.  So in an attempt to experience Christmas for real this year, I am resolving not to photograph it or write about it.

Just kidding…I would never survive.

But seriously, I have a plan. My precious Canon 5D will sit unused, because it is too easy to disappear behind it. Any pictures I take will be taken on my little point and shoot camera, if I can find it. If not, my iPhone will suffice. And any writing I do will be done only after my family has gone to bed. I will take the invisible sign off my forehead, the one that reads I’d rather be writing. And I will find and focus on the things in-between myself and that infinite space where my daydreams live before they become my books.

I expect my New Year’s resolutions will include more writing, not less, so this will be my deep breath before the plunge. Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you here next year!


~ by Rachel McMahon on December 13, 2012.

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