It’s NaNo time, which I’m sure you’ve heard. Maybe more than you want to! But I’ll be brief. (I admit that it’s mostly because this is my first year to participate, so I know next to nothing about it.) I’ll start by saying that the idea of writing 50k words in a month doesn’t bother me at all. If anything, I write too fast. I’ll have that 50k in no time if I can keep my mind on the book I’ve started for NaNo. What I find daunting is the idea of writing straight through and not polishing as I go. I need to learn this. I know I do. And I swear I’m going to!

This post, by Chandler Baker, made a little bell ring in my head. Her description of writing as if someone is reading over her shoulder fit me perfectly. It’s what I do. It makes me take fewer chances and examine single words in ways that only slow me down. I know I just said I write fast, but when I think about really letting the words fly, I realize that I’m still slowing myself down. I’ve read countless bits of advice saying that editing as you write is a bad practice, but I still do it. And I know why. It’s because someone will read my rough draft. For this reason, I’m afraid to allow it to be what it’s supposed to be. Rough.

I hope to gain two things this month as I work through Nano. First, I plan to become more disciplined about writing daily. This is good timing, since I now have a publisher. Second, I plan to write a rough draft. If 50k happens or doesn’t happen, I’ll be happy as long as I meet these two goals.

Happy NaNo!


~ by Rachel McMahon on November 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “NaNo!”

  1. I’m right there with you on all points.

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