Hi! I’m Rachel,  author and professional photographer. I write YA fantasy and MG fiction and am currently awaiting the publication of my first novel, Sam and Millie. I have two sons, ages nine and fifteen, and I homeschool them both.  My boys are my life, and that includes my wonderful husband of sixteen years.

About me: I’m opinionated and wordy, and I get feistier as I age. I’m not very threatening, though, because I’m also shrinking as I age. Well, maybe I’m not shrinking, but I’ve dropped the “half” off the end of my height. It was never there anyway, I’m sure. So I’ve gone from 4’11’, which is my rounded up version, to 4’10.5″, to 4’10”.  Yes, four-foot-ten,  the height of Connie from A Chorus Line, which is a role I actually played in college.

My photography

More about me:

  1. I was the shortest person in my graduating class, and my best guy-friend was the tallest. When he played Jesus and I played Jud in Cotton Patch Gospel, he had to get on his knees for me to betray him with a kiss.
  2. I wanted to be an actress and even majored in theatre.
  3. I have a leap baby. (He was due on April Fool’s Day–He got me!)
  4. My idea of a perfect day includes and good novel and never-ending coffee refills.
  5. I collected clowns when I was a kid–no one would sleep in my room.
  6. My favorite animal is the owl.
  7. People sometimes think my husband is my father. He’s exactly 18 inches taller than I am.
  8. I wrote my first novel when I was twelve, and I didn’t tell anyone.
  9. The novel mentioned in number 8 is based off a game I used to play on my Granny’s merry-go-round.
  10. I can tie a double knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.
  11. I’m a Judy Garland fanatic.
  12. I narrate everything in my head. Thankfully, I can keep it in my head most of the time.
  13. I don’t allow anyone but myself to take my picture.
  14. The people I admire most are the ones who have stood up to me and helped me to open my mind.
  15. I make amazing chicken and dumplings.
  16. I can cut myself on anything, and I mean ANYTHING. It’s pathetic.
  17. I’m viciously cranky in the morning, and I come to life late at night.
  18. I’ve read the Harry Potter series eight times…and counting.

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  1. Great job! Love the pics!

  2. […] About. […]

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